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Who We Are & What We Do

The ARrow Center for Justice Reform is a project of the Veterans Advocacy Alliance, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  ARrow’s mission is to promote a criminal justice system that balances accountability with rehabilitation and harm reduction, respecting the dignity and rights of victims, perpetrators, and those in the correctional system. 

About us.

ARrow focuses on developing pragmatic solutions to challenges in policing, prison conditions, re-entry, recidivism reduction, and sentencing, through policy analysis, strategic communications, and building proximity between decision makers and the system they oversee. Our policy research is centered on human dignity, evidence-based practice, recidivism prevention, and promoting excellence among the correctional profession


Radical transformation & understanding

Importance of Learning from International Models

Emphasizing human dignity in the criminal justice system

Supporting and empowering veterans in the criminal justice system

Breaking harmful 

feedback loops among  correctional employees

Meet the Team


Former Director & Senior Advisor

Arthur Rizer


Vice President, Partnerships

Jesse Kelly


CEO, Veterans Advocacy Alliance

Jessica Rizer

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